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The new Music Shop is online!

PDF scores of my compositions and arrangements

The music shop offers an direct access to my composition and arrangements. In collaboration with Rainer Kannacher high quality scores are released including bilingual (German/English) notes. Having started with editions for and with guitar later-on my works for piano, chorus and orchestra (materials for rent) will be published as well.
Didactic materials form an own section (EDUCATIONAL).

To approach the shop best start from my web, choose from WORKS either COMPOSITION (displayed in turquoise at the shop) or ARRANGEMENT (orange) or EDUCATION (red-brown). Than select the instrument and finally check the work of your interest. After clicking the basket the shop web opens (Gumroad), you can check size and price of the score and buy it. To keep up-to-date on new releases please enter your email at the FOLLOW button. You will receive the PDF immediately by mail and you can print it out. At the bottom right a stamp with your email veryfies you have puchased the article legally. 

Attention! Some of my score are handwritten fair copies in the classical quart format (27x34cm). They can only be printed in A3 (you can copy the file on an USB stick or device for printout at your local copy shop). Alternatively you may puchase printed (physical) editions (these editions are marked with "sheet" in brackets after the title). They appear as single pages in the original format and will be shipped to you. For easy page turns we forewent any bindings.

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