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New and old recordings on a new platform

Streamings and downloads in original sound quality

My music productions will be publish by the online label CD Baby from now on. You can download all my recordings including sleeve notes in "loss-less" CD qualitity (FLAC) there. 
Further downloads and streamings are offerd by standard platforms such as iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Deezer etc.

A prelude is formed by two albums with improvised music: "Dajabur" with the Mongolian singer Fu-Zhu Meng and "Dreamtime" with the Australian aborgine William Barton, didgeridoo.
The albums "Wulfin Lieske | Guitar Works" with guest artist Fabian Spindler and "Wulfin Lieske | Piano Works" with pianists Susanne Achilles and Eleonore Klauser are protraits of my compositions for guitar, guitar duo and solo piano.